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mattyDr. Matthew Pyhala was raised on the Kenai Peninsula. As a lifelong Alaskan he appreciates the importance of staying active to maintain health. Dr. Pyhala is an avid outdoors enthusiast. Whether he’s hiking Skyline or paddling in Kachemak Bay, Dr. Pyhala knows the difference between compromised and peak performance. Through the application of chiropractic principles, Dr. Pyhala helps his patients achieve the highest level of health and performance.

Dr. Pyhala began practicing chiropractic in 2002.  Dr. Pyhala offers the most advanced and beneficial integrative health care to his patients. Chiropractic health care alone is critical for optimizing health and function. Even higher levels are possible when combined with low level laser therapy (3LT) and nutrition. Dr. Pyhala uses the gold standard, Erchonia, low level lasers in his practice to improve outcomes and increase effectiveness of his treatment. The laser is the same as used by elite and professional athletes around the globe. The application of laser therapy can mean the difference between making the podium or suffering an injury and not competing. Likewise, it can be the difference of normal function or chronic pain. Laser therapy is applicable for recovery or treatment of most conditions.

Dr. Pyhala is continually looking for something more to offer patients to give them an edge in daily life and competition alike. His passion to promote optimal health and wellness is what excites him about the role of chiropractic care in the spectrum of options for healthcare. Through chiropractic health our innate healing ability is optimized.